Ski Puigcerda, ski pyrenees. La Molina, La Masella

As fans of alpine skiing, snowboarding and Nordic skiing know, our region is blessed with a wide variety of ski stations.

In Lower Cerdanya, there are two excellent downhill ski resorts: La Molina and Masella, both less than 20 km from Ermitatge.

For lovers of Nordic skiing, there are three magnificent options: Guils Fontanera, 15 km from Ermitatge, and Aransa and Lles, a little over 25 km away.

In Upper Cerdanya, there is even more space where families and skilled sportspeople can practice downhill skiing, snowboarding and Nordic skiing in the same place: Eyne - Cambre d’Aze, in the municipality of Eina, 28 km from Ermitatge; Quillane, in Llaguna, 35 km away; Portè-Pimorent, 28 km away; Puigmal near Er, 20 km from Ermitatge; and finally, Font Romeu, 29 km away.

In the neighbouring county of Capcir, north of Cerdanya, you’ll find beautifully forested ski stations such as Les Angles, 40 km from Ermitatge, Formiguera, 46 km, and Puigbalador, 51 km.